Installation Of Steel Structure Railings Essentials

Installation of steel structure Railings essentials
Steel Railings are not susceptible to columns, floor and other structural effects, modeling a variety of solid solid as a whole. Sturdy stainless steel railing keel, bright stainless steel Railings, with a warm wood Railings pedal, it became a stylish steel structure Railings.
     A set of fine steel structure Railings, need to choose from its selection, installation of all aspects of the judge, then, together to understand the construction of Railings under the Railings of the essentials.
 First, to use high-quality steel manufacturers. Steel Railings are now more use of channel, channel in the market there are a dozen specifications and thickness varies, so the steel raw materials must choose the quality of guaranteed steel manufacturers.
     Second, fixed wall requirements. Important fixed point, must be concrete, if it is hollow brick wall or bubble brick wall, be sure to dig out a position to do concrete buried, because only the concrete to the best "eat" live expansion screw, so the force no problem The
 Third, the welding should be meticulous. Welded Railings are made by the accurate welding of welding, so pedal installed before and after the level are consistent, and all the material accessories are horizontal and vertical.
     Fourth, pay attention to rust. Steel Railings, all the steel parts need to be anti-rust treatment, with particular attention to welder joints. The general factory are doing antirust paint later on-site welding, then pay attention to, after welding also let them re-paint the welding point.
 Fifth, the corner of the place, but also with the channel Unicom. Not an independent buried in the wall, steel Railings but welded into a complete whole, not rely on independent fixed point to force, but the overall pull the force of each other. So the steel structure must be welded into a whole, and try not to destroy the original concrete beam.
Villa Railings of a variety of materials, different material Railings will bring people not the same visual experience. Today, Xiao Bian to give you a description of both safe and durable and full of modern fashionable glass railing.
This is an all-glass railing, there is no connection between the glass and glass, glass blocks and blocks between the installation of about 8mm left in the gap, so designed to avoid the collision between the glass block or due to temperature changes Produce stress and damage the glass.
The balustrade glass balustrades are designed with a clear and clear metallic finish. The thickness of the glass are generally more than 5mm; to withstand the weight of glass, used as a fixed bottom plate thickness should be more than 5mm, groove width depending on the thickness of the glass. Will be fixed glass, the bottom need to wear rubber blocks, and fixed with structural adhesive.
This piece of glass railing, stylized glass claw pieces of glass and the column tightly together. Simple and clear design, people feast for the eyes. Round tube of stainless steel handrails, hand holding the feeling comfortable and comfortable.

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