Taiwan Series For EDM Of Field Applications

Taiwan Series for EDM of field applications
      Taiwan Series for EDM for the company launched in 2016 new products, after a long period of test test, has gradually pushed to the market, replacing the existing part of the hydraulic wheel brake, in Hong Kong machine products began to be applied. December 2016, due to Xiamen Haitong terminal Taiwan Series for EDM of related failures, was assigned to the scene for the Taiwan Series for EDM of existing problems to maintain the solution, in the field, according to Taiwan Series for EDM of a series of problems collected field use data, The traditional hydraulic wheel brakes, more experience of such a new Taiwan Series for EDM has the following advantages:
First, the motor drive, more environmentally friendly
       Taiwan Series for EDM must be used with the supporting electronic control box, the use of intelligent modular program control, Taiwan Series for EDM using motor-driven gearbox and ball screw to open the device to achieve the release of clamping force. Compared with the traditional hydraulic wheel brakes, the motor-driven way to achieve a complete oil-free, to avoid the hydraulic pipe leakage, seal aging, hydraulic parts caused by the failure of the brake failure, while avoiding the hydraulic oil leakage The environment caused by pollution, the product more environmentally friendly.
Second, the electromagnet to maintain, more energy efficient
        When the Taiwan Series for EDM of motor drive to achieve clamping force release (gate) at the same time, through the control program, Taiwan Series for EDM of electromagnet power to maintain the current release state, when the motor power failure. This greatly reduces the control of the motor has been to maintain the state of open energy consumption, while the life of the motor to play a greater benefit.
Three, second release, more stable
        Taiwan Series for EDM in the closing signal, the electromagnet loss of power, due to the role of disc spring force, if a closing, disc spring release process is generally about 1s, will have a certain impact, may be on the brake and related parts The use of life and so have a certain impact. Compared to hydraulic wheel brakes, due to the extrusion of hydraulic oil, can play a role in the buffer, the stability of the closure better, Taiwan Series for EDM closed way is not suitable for a single closing, so Taiwan Series for EDM in the process of closing, the use of intelligent program control, the use of procedures to achieve about 0.8s in the second pull and then release the way to close, can greatly reduce the impact, and does not cause the electromagnetic liner A lot of wear. After a large number of tests to verify that the current use of the electromagnet secondary release of the closed control mode, the brake can be fully safe and stable closing.
Four, manual release, separate operation
       Taiwan Series for EDM has a manual release function, in the power and other special circumstances, can achieve a single brake release, compared to hydraulic wheel brake, can be more easily to achieve the manual release of the relevant operation, the brake gate, to achieve emergency Case of special operation.

       In short, the Taiwan Series for EDM compared to the traditional hydraulic wheel brakes, although there is a certain advantage, but because the product is just in the early stages of application, the late use of the situation to be tracked at the same time for the brake itself, there are some shortcomings, such as Heavier weight, in the latter part of the upgrading, there are still many places need to be optimized and improved.

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