Fashionable Elegant Stair Railings How To Buy?

Fashionable elegant Stair Railings how to buy?
Stair Railings connected to the upper and lower floors, can be said to be the most important in the home decoration. Therefore, the purchase of Stair Railings than other furniture purchase more need to have professional.
     To buy a rotating Stair Railings as an example, rotating Stair Railings for the consumer of a new generation of consumer groups. Many young consumers in the purchase of rotating Stair Railings, only from the appearance, size and price of several surface to buy. In fact, for the purchase of rotating Stair Railings, but also pay attention to the size of the various parts of the standard parameters.
1, from the details of the observation, the details determine the quality
     First look at the rotation of the Stair Railings, must be full of delicate, shiny shiny to go. Whether it is a wooden Stair Railings or steel rotary Stair Railings, the surface of the paint can reflect the technical level of the Stair Railings manufacturers can also reflect the quality of the Stair Railings.
2, safe and practical
     A: look at the Stair Railings, stent sub-wooden structure and steel structure, the general straight ladder to do more wooden structure, the ladder and the larger wide Stair Railings for steel and wood more, steel Wood-based combination of steel plate, so that security is guaranteed.
     B: pillars and pedals, pillars and handrails, the connection between each handrail, Stair Railings and the ground, Stair Railings and wall connection is very important, it is directly related to the safety factor of the Stair Railings, choose a solid metal connection The security is guaranteed.
3, product style to determine and choose
 The style of the rotating Stair Railings should be consistent with the style of the whole family. The common styles are Mediterranean style, Italian style, typical Chinese style and Chinese and Western style. In addition, but also to adopt the views of his family, taking into account the choice of which style of rotating Stair Railings.
     Finally, but also to see the height of the steps set, too high steps are not easy for the elderly and children walking safety, and thus the height of the Stair Railings should not be greater than 210mm, and should not be less than 140mm, all levels of step height should be the same.

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