Methods Of Dealing With The Quality Of Stainless Steel Fences

Methods of dealing with the quality of stainless steel Fences
 Stainless steel Fences after a long period of use, there may be some problems: such as Fences titanium surface easy to produce color; welding prone to gaps; overall strength is not strong; beat will have a sense of trembling and so on, then how to effectively solve these problems The The following Dumas Xiao Bian and everyone to share the next strategy:
First of all to choose the quality of qualified stainless steel pipe, even the same type of pipe, but different brands of pipe, which contains the trace elements are not the same, this will result in the process of titanium plating color, Titanium in the process to strengthen the titanium quality management, so as to maximize the titanium surface to avoid the problem of color.
In the selection of stainless steel Fences pipe, the choice of the wall of the Fences can not be too thin, too thin wall will make the overall strength of the Fences is not high, the general choice of wall thickness will be greater than or equal to 1.2mm. And the diameter of the column can not be too small, and arm to adapt to the line when the armrest is relatively long, the column design should also strengthen the solid measures.
In addition, the construction must be precise line. First use the horizontal ruler to correct the two ends of the reference column and fixed, and then pull the line according to the column positioning of the column fixed. Welding should be strengthened before the inspection of embedded parts and found that the problem should be reinforced buried bar. Should prevent the fixed column base expansion tube bolts too short, or under the stone under the cement mortar layer is not full, should strengthen the quality inspection of each construction process in order to correct the quality of the problem.
In the choice of stainless steel Fences manufacturers, you should choose a professional, there are certain conditions of the manufacturer for processing, so that from the source to protect the quality of stainless steel Fences.
    When welding is best full of welding, it is best to use a lining of the casing, so you can avoid the cracks in the stainless steel Fences interface.
Due to the selection of the pipe wall thickness is small, easy to occur in the processing elbow, and the tube is not round, when there is no lining in the welding tube, so welding after grinding the weld, Wall wear, should use the appropriate thickness of the pipe, the best welding when the lining liner.
    Finally, the production of the various parts of the stainless steel Fences should be done with caution during storage, avoiding collisions and scratches by other objects in cross operations.

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