The Working Principle Of EDM Drilling

The working principle of EDM Drilling
1, the working principle of EDM Drilling drill is the use of continuous vertical movement of fine metal brass for the electrode, stainless steel, hardened steel, carbide, copper, aluminum and other metal parts of the pulse spark discharge erosion forming. The perforating machine can be used to process the cooling and cooling holes in the engine, the hole of the sieve plate, the oil hole of the hydraulic pneumatic element, the nozzle hole of the oil nozzle, the spinning hole of the spinning nozzle, And other traditional processing methods difficult to process the deep hole.
2, EDM Drilling drill According to the application of different media can be divided into two kinds, one is the liquid spark drill, because the liquid processing through the copper rods through the hole, may block the copper rod holes, so the minimum processing 0.15mm fine Hole depth can only be processed 20mm. Is widely used, the other is a gas spark drill, through the copper rod hole medium is the use of gas, it is not easy to be blocked, can be processed more sophisticated holes.
3, EDM Drilling is the four parts with each other to complete the drilling process. First, the material is moved to the automatic EDM Drilling camera scanning area, the camera is scanned to the image after processing and to control part of the signal, the control part of the received signal, the further processing and control of the transmission part of the action, so that the punch in the plane X Axis, Y-axis to take place, complete the action after the start part of the pneumatic part of the work, the solenoid valve control cylinder punching action. Automatic EDM Drilling drill printing positioning holes, the whole action at one go, fast, accurate, high efficiency.
Spark Machine (EDM Drilling, full name Electrical Discharge Machining) is a mechanical processing equipment, mainly for EDM Drilling. Widely used in a variety of metal molds, machinery and equipment manufacturing. It is the use of immersion in the working fluid in the pulse between the two electrodes generated by the electrochemical erosion of the conductive material of the special processing methods, also known as discharge processing or electro-erosion processing.

   EDM Drilling drill, is the target hole processing equipment commonly known. Target hole, first seen in the PCB multi-layer circuit board pressure process. In recent years for the need to locate the positioning of the hole, we all call the target hole. As the positioning accuracy of the target hole directly affect the accuracy of the product, and EDM Drilling with positioning CCD vision scanning and computer-controlled automatic alignment system, positioning hole processing accuracy can be controlled in the 0.008mm range, so more and more Of the enterprises to introduce electric drill as a positioning hole processing of special equipment to replace the traditional manual manual drilling, greatly improving the quality of the product, reducing the scrapped and improve the market competitiveness of enterprises, many companies secret Top secret weapon. EDM Drilling drill according to the degree of automation can be divided into manual EDM Drilling drill, automatic positioning / alignment EDM Drilling drill, automatic EDM Drilling drill, super automatic EDM Drilling drill. According to the different processing objects can be divided into soft plate EDM Drilling and membrane switch EDM Drilling drill.

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