Balustrade Design What Are The Types?

Modern home stair shape diversity, in addition to the usual wooden straight, a drawbridge, zigzags, spirals and other forms are also common, presentation of increasingly bold, better suited to the pursuit of modern family life. More novelty staircase styles, higher technology, so when you select these new styling not only overall unity of style and room, and be sure to take into account the family's living conditions. If any elderly or children at home for safety will not be without light-type stair of the arm. If space is limited, the best choice for floating staircase in order to broaden one's horizons.

Common stairs are the following:

Straight stairs upstairs without a turntable, not turning on

Rotary stairs to a certain height and then after turning into the upstairs.

Spiral staircase leads to the upstairs as a spiral.

Room selection how to stairs, first of all to make full use of space, not only as beautiful and a waste of space, in addition to practical, taking full account of every Member of the family.