Bay Window Guardrails Tips For Color Selection

Bay Window Guardrails Tips for color selection
Bay Window Guardrails because it is dry powder electrostatic spray paint curing process, so his color can be a lot more than paint, and do the style can also be a lot. Not too much color, the surface forming effect is also a lot, such as flat surface, yarn surface, pattern concave and convex surface can be, the color can be a single, but also the color of the surface of impurities can do flash silver effect. Since there are so many choices, then we design Bay Window Guardrails when to choose what kind of color and style is better? The following based on Xiaobian years in the Bay Window Guardrails industry work experience, to talk about you inside The skills.
To Xiao Bian's own experience, the most simple colors tend to his life will be longer, such as black light, black yarn, gray sand pattern, pure color and then dark color. This color is not easy to fade, and then the adhesion is good. The greater the risk of color fading. If you use the regular manufacturers of powder okay. If some small factories use some of the no-name manufacturers of powder, the risk of the problem even greater. Many customers before eating this loss to find us. So when you design the color is best to choose a simple and simple color, so that in fact there are several benefits:
1) first scratched, then repair easier, the effect will be better after repair.
2) does not appear the risk of fading, of course, if the powder factory to take the indoor powder as outdoor powder, then it will still fade.
3) Simple and simple powder does not appear chromatic aberration per lot. If it is very conspicuous powder, it is easy to produce the color of each batch is not the same situation.
If you really encounter such a problem, you will find a very troublesome problem.
Bay Window Guardrails as a traditional stainless steel protective window of alternative products, although has come out a few years time, has strong corrosion resistance, rich colors, the appearance of fine, ultra-high strength, affordable and more advantages by consumers pro-gaze The But any product, any market there is always a perfect side.
First of all Bay Window Guardrails although the advantages of many, but its flaws are also very obvious, because Bay Window Guardrails using a combination of ways to connect, unlike the traditional stainless steel welding. Although the appearance of fine, but consumers are difficult to accept the use of zinc steel pipe plastic components connected, there is no doubt that defects in plastic components, both in anti-aging, high temperature, anti-saw bad and other aspects are not up to the advantages of stainless steel welding The
Second, Bay Window Guardrails development In recent years, the industry has a lot of workshop-style processing plants, in pursuit of high profits, fraud, not only zinc steel profiles shoddy, more serious is the combination of the use of extremely low quality plastic components.
Has had a fatal impact on the safety and life of Bay Window Guardrails and has had a bad impact on the entire market. Of course, in the Bay Window Guardrails industry also has to innovation and development, to high-quality brand-name large enterprises. Shenzhen Huabang Fence Engineering Co., Ltd., with its huge, professional R & D team, has developed a series of Bay Window Guardrails, Bay Window Guardrails, zinc steel fence and other new high-tech products, the existing industry-leading zinc steel profiles Surface treatment, spraying process, is the industry's more mature technology companies, including Bay Window Guardrails component innovation is set off the Bay Window Guardrails the second revolution, the invention of the successful formation of plastic and high-strength metal clever combination, if Said that the process is martial arts outside the family work, then the application of the process is equivalent to the martial arts in the study of Yi Jin Jing.
So that Bay Window Guardrails overall anti-damage, anti-aging, high temperature performance compared to plastic components to improve several times, compared to stainless steel welding several times, in one fell swoop laid Bay Window Guardrails completely replace the stainless steel protective window the most solid foundation.