How To Judge The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Stainless Steel Railings

How to judge the advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel Railings

The stainless steel Railings are widely used in the construction industry because of its many excellent performances and reasonable prices. A good quality stainless steel railing not only works well as a security guard, but also can last for decades. So, what method is there to judge the quality of stainless steel Railings? Here are some of the ways to do it:

1. Look at the metallic gloss of the surface

Compared with the inferior stainless steel Railings, the high quality stainless steel Railings have a very strong metal feel, the color is bright, the luster is good. However, the surface shows the color of light red or pig iron, indicating the poor quality of the material. In the process of making the Railings, the temperature of the steel is not up to the standard.

Second, see if the surface is smooth

High-quality stainless steel handrails feel good, the surface is very smooth, but poor quality stainless steel Railings are made of impurities, uneven materials, its surface is very rough, bumpy. In the production process of the Railings, there are sticky steel and scar. This is because the equipment and process of the stainless steel manufacturer are not sophisticated enough.

Three, see whether there is a fold line

After careful process polishing, the texture of the stainless steel railing surface has a rule. If formed various irregular line, it shows that in the process of production of stainless steel Railings, manufacturer is only the pursuit of quantity, do not pay attention to quality, the amount of pressure is big, so as to produce folding during rolling, strength has greatly declined.

4. See if there is any crack in the surface

Judge the advantages and disadvantages of stainless steel Railings, and see if there are cracks on its surface. The high quality stainless steel Railings are intact, no cracks. The inferior stainless steel Railings are made of raw materials to make the Railings crack in the process of production.

5. Look at the shape of section

Look carefully at the cross section of the stainless steel Railings, and you can see the strength of the manufacturer. A manufacturer of stainless steel railing that focuses on the production process, its cross section is very flat, does not appear concave and convex phenomenon.

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