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The steel gate is usually used to open and close the movable structure of the water intake in the local hydraulic structure. The utility model can adjust the flow rate, control the water level and transport the ship. The steel gate is custom-made according to the blueprint.

According to the nature of the work can be divided into

1. construction gate: steel gate of enclosed construction diversion port

2. work gate: adjust the flow of diversion port

3. accident gate: steel gate that can be opened and closed when accidents occur in the upper and lower reaches

4. overhaul gate: steel gate closed when water is checked and repaired

According to the gate hole location can be divided into

1. exposed gate: top out of the water

2. diving gate: the top is below the surface

Classification by leaf shape

1. plane steel gate

2. arc steel gate

3. character steel gate

Type of steel gate

1. flat gate steel gate: a type of steel gate with water blocking panel as flat surface

2. arc steel gate: a steel gate with an arc stopping plate

1. Gate making

Before the construction, according to the construction details and technical specifications, prepare the manufacturing process flow

The manufacturing process: layout, gate row material, panel, top and bottom beam splicing fixed position, side beam, girder bottom plate fixed to the other side of the fixed fixed beam, main beam flange plate fixed to the B - B - C - C - section beam welding spot welding section beam once fixed beam, hanging seat welding, strengthen spot welding, welding, gate back lattice symmetric block, turn over the panel and the back grid full welding

2, gate production process flow

The raw materials

First, according to the construction drawings marked by the material type, size of raw material, its mechanical properties and chemical composition and other technical performance, to ensure compliance with current national standards and ministerial standards, with the factory material quality certificate and certificate of quality inspection department, our company according to the requirements of the drawings for review of various materials, newspaper the supervision engineer approval before construction.

Second, a variety of sheet metal and steel review of qualified, preprocess the correction straight, neatly stacked in order and process of material feeding and lofting.

The door leaf blanking, correction

Firstly, according to the drawings lofting structure production process and procedure, and put one or two foot seam allowance and groove parts surrounding the plane overall welding shrinkage allowance correction, do the model, then turn down the road marking material. In the lofting, attention shall be paid to the location of two longitudinal joints arranged in the width direction of the gate, and the panels, main girders and secondary beams of the longitudinal joints shall be staggered and stagger, not less than 20CM.

After the crossbeam, wing plate, longitudinal beam, wing plate, I-shaped steel beam, side beam, wing plate are cut off, the straightening straight plate and the wing plate are assembled with the center line of the web plate. The beam, web, side beam, web, stringer, web and hanging plate are corrected and straight to the next step.

Fourth, small beams, steel reinforcement, plate and other parts blanking straightening straight (according to the drawings need to process parts for external Jin Jiagong). The panel, and reverse wing plate material ingredients according to the stitching process, and any other panel seam weld assembly, are not less than 200 mm, on foot, after the whole butt butt groove angle side margin, to the next step.

The above materials, inspected with drawing and specification, to the next process assembly.

The door leaf, assembling, welding and correction

The panel, and reverse flange welding according to the drawings, mosaic in order to use manual welding, spot welding, and then the panel exercise level level, after inspection the grillage assembly cast control line, the receiving party finally sufficient allowance.

The position in the panel, the layout of the beam, and then the top and bottom beam welding point on the panel, the other side of the wing plate and web plate welding beam, main beam under the wing plate and web plate fixed spot on the panel and the top, bottom and side beam Liancheng a whole, on the other side of the beam web and flange plate the main girder fixed spot, forming a whole frame, gate size correction level, exercise level.

Thirdly, the longitudinal beams and secondary beams are welded to the panel and the frame of the girder in sequence.

Fourth, the strengthening board fixed, flat.

All the parts, after assembly, and then strengthen the spot welding, and then use the symmetrical welding and retrogress welding will beam back section lattice and all weld, the welding process according to the gate deformation timely adjusted welding position and welding deformation correction with high heating method, and then the block will turn over, all the unfinished weld

6, all parts after the end of the part shape geometry and straightness, weld appearance and nondestructive testing, quality inspection personnel according to the DL/T5018 standard inspection, and make the record of inspection.

The welder certificates, in strict accordance with the norms of the welding process and weld seam tracking technology, according to the standard inspection personnel on-site welding, seam welding good after all the door leaf, by full-time inspection staff, according to the standard on all kinds of leaf weld appearance inspection and nondestructive inspection, and meet the DL/T5018 standard requirements, do all kinds of welding seam detection data for reference.

The welding, leveling, loading side and bottom water sealing plate, the door leaf is put in the center of the center line side seal screw, and then to put the end of the bottom edge of the door leaf water hole center line, and hit the ocean, or a magnet drill for drilling radial drilling machine. Quality inspection department full-time inspection personnel on the whole structure of the door, according to drawings and specifications DL/T5018 relevant provisions of the inspection qualified, and do the final inspection data, can be carried out corrosion protection work.

The corrosion process

Inspection of workpiece: sand blasting, rust removing, rust removing, quality inspection, zinc, zinc coating inspection, brushing sealing layer and sealing layer inspection

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