Necessity Of Installed Balcony Railing High Standards Within The Industry

Now balcony railing styles varied, many families of installed balcony railings not only plays a beautiful and practical effect or more guarantees for security; formerly in use in many bricks, and then brush on the paint, but it is not beautiful. Even the Sun on the balcony floor, but now many manufacturers out of the control of balcony railings, balcony railings are not only beautiful, have a good pattern. Matched with the building is very beautiful, which is why the community is now growing installation of balcony railings.

Balcony railing industry in China's development is not a one or two-day thing, many standard system gradually as the market demand determine the standard. Q rich, we would like to introduce the following below balcony railing high standards within the industry.

1, and railing should to substantial, and durable of material making, and can bear load contains specification provides of level load contains; 2, and railing away from floor surface or roofing 0.10m height within should not be blank; 3, and railing height from floor ground or roofing to railing handrails top surface vertical height calculation, as bottom has width is greater than or is equal to 0.22m, and height below or is equal to 0.45m of can stepped parts, from can stepped parts top surface up calculation.

Now we use the balcony railings with good decoration, rich colors, satisfy different customer's individual requirements. Environmental protection, do not pollute the environment, solution of ordinary building products pollution, good flexibility, the substrate steel and has better impact resistance of flexible barrier products, consecrated barrier products have good performance, that is, saving you costs of building foundations, and saved the land resource. Good weatherability and resistance to salt spray and moisture and heat resistance, balcony railings suitable for different areas of use.