The Three Main Points That Determine The Practical Performance Of Stair Railings

The three main points that determine the practical performance of Stair Railings

Modern Stair Railings has a variety of collocation and combination mode in both material type and design. Stair baluster is one of the most important decoration objects in the home, pay attention to the form of the Stair Railings safety, comfort and aesthetic design, etc., can make the Stair Railings has become a spotlight in the home, also can create more comfortable home life.

The form and safety of Stair Railings

Stair Railings of the intimate relationship with security in the form of, for example: single column spiral staircase railings, L Stair Railings and curved Stair Railings, relatively the same structure rationality and various aspects strength, under the condition of L, the safety of the arc stair baluster is superior to single column spiral staircase railings.

On the Stair Railings safety, can from a major part of the Stair Railings, among them, the keel is the main carrier of the Stair Railings bearing, in the installation design requirements are very strict, and so-called great difference, Stair Railings keel installation fixed method and the horizontal and vertical degree is quite important also. The pedal of Stair Railingss if choose lumber qualitative, the requirement is the high quality solid wood of whole piece, to assure use the process not craze, deformation, still need to be good prevent slippery design. The handrail of Stair Railings and pedal connect must assure firm and firm.

The comfort of Stair Railings

When making Stair Railings design installation, the first is to guarantee the security of walking, followed by walking comfort, according to the theory of ergonomics, when determining the Stair Railings slope, need to consider efficiency and three dimensional state, comfortable walking, climbing steep slope, the more comfort the worse, gradient values are between 20-45 degrees commonly, step generally corresponds to a human foot size, stride.

In the same Stair Railings, the height of the step, the width should be the same, should not be irregular change. Generally speaking, the height value is small and the width is larger, while walking is comfortable. Step, of course, the width of the value of not less than 240 mm, to ensure the focus focus fell near the arch of the foot, heel focus 90% on the pedal, the overall width of the Stair Railings to ensure smooth passage for the principle, guardrail height satisfy the human natural prolapse condition to determine.

Design aesthetics

The Stair Railingss in the home should be according to bedroom room type, hole size, room use function and so on, cooperate the room whole design, colorific collocation and design. In determining the form of the main body design, choose the Stair Railings structure, pedals and Stair Railings. Thus achieve the integral harmony of adornment, rise to beautify the bedroom, use comfortable final effect.

The Stair Railings type style has a lot of, walk in to ensure the Stair Railings safety and comfort performance, can choose according to individual love a Stair Railings design style collocation, make a bedroom space more full of fashionable breath.

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