This New "Fancy Fence" System Retracts Gate Directly Into Ground

A new fencing system uses the same tried and tested hardware as a standard sliding gate, but with a

twist; the vertically operable slats sink into the ground in less than five seconds, disappearing 

completely. The Fancy Fence was created to streamline accessibility, while also improving the 

visual bulk of traditional fences by removing all horizontal elements. The system can be installed 

in an infinite number of configurations and incorporates elegantly designed fixed slats, the 

retractable gate and an "invisible" walkway gate.

The Fancy Fence's vertical mechanism reduces the overall footprint needed for sliding or swinging 

gates, meaning that the space adjacent to the fence can be fully functional. The invisible walkway 

gate retains a hinged joint for quick pedestrian access. The entire system can be installed in less

than 24 hours, and allows for a fully customized arrangement. The fencing elements are available in

a range of sizes and finishes, some of which are visible in the gallery below. 

Fancy Fence was developed with safety and security in mind, using entirely prefabricated, standard 

components that have undergone years of testing. The mechanical elements of the fence are operable 

year-round, with built-in contingencies for extreme weather such as flooding or snowing. The 

retractable gate uses the same sensor technology as sliding gates, and will only rise if the area 

above the gate is completely clear. Despite its mechanical functionality, the system can still be 

used during power outages through an emergency manual operating system that is light enough to be 

engaged by children.