Vancouver Fencing Repair Company Shares The Merits Of Powder Coating

Fencing Repair Company Shares Why Powder Coating Is Superior to Liquid Paint for Metal Fences

VANCOUVER, BC - QS Fencing is a Vancouver-based company that specializes in the installation and repair of metal fences. They also provide painting and coating services for metal fences, including chain-link fences, aluminum fences, steel fences, gates, railings, and more. In terms of quality, durability is the big reason these professionals opt for powder coating rather than liquid paint.

While powder coating may cost more upfront, it starts to pay off around the 3 to 5 year mark. That's when liquid paint starts to show its age. In contrast, a powder coated metal fence can last up to 20 years before it needs repainting. With typical outdoor fence paint, the same fence would require repainting every 3 to 5 years. Factor in the cost for multiple repaints, and it's easy to see why powder coating is a superior treatment in terms of maintenance and cost.

Because a powder coating is baked on, the adhesion is superior and it is far more durable than liquid paint. That makes it more scratch and chip resistant, and generally better at corrosion protection. Because of the more durable finish, powder-coated fences also retain that new paint look far longer. Additionally, hundreds of standard paint colours are available, and QS Fencing provides colour matching and custom colours as well.

With superior adhesion and durability, powder coating is ideal for hand railings, high traffic areas, and commercial fences. It's also the best coating for wrought iron fences, as it lowers the risk of having the paint chip and leaving the iron exposed to the elements.

The powder coating service works for new and old fences.