What Are The Different Uses Of Galvanized Metal?

When a metal product is designed to be used outdoors, it is often manufactured in such a way that it will be able to resist rust and corrosion from constant contact with the elements. One such process for preventing rust and corrosion is galvanization, which involves coating iron, steel, or aluminum with a protective layer of zinc. Galvanized metal can be used for countless outdoor applications, though this metal is not limited only to outdoor use. Galvanized metal can be used for any application that requires moisture resistance, so components within the home or within buildings may also feature metal that has been galvanized.

Perhaps the most recognizable galvanized metal that most people are familiar with is chain link fencing. Such fencing can be seen at local parks in the form of baseball backstops, or around homes and businesses as perimeter fencing. It is possible to recognize galvanized metal fencing by taking a close look at the posts and chain links: they will often have a dull gray appearance, but they will also have a crystallized appearance that is the result of the zinc coating interacting with oxygen after the galvanization process.

Galvanized metal buckets are also commonly used in industrial settings as well as in gardens and around the yard. These buckets can come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and thicknesses to accommodate different carrying needs. Most buckets will carry liquids at some point, so galvanization is exceptionally advantageous for prolonging the life of the bucket. Various tools that are used around the home or garden can also be made from galvanized metal, since many of these tools will come in contact with soil that contains varying levels of moisture

Corrugated roofing panels are often galvanized to resist rust and corrosion from rainfall or snowfall. This is a relatively inexpensive roofing option that is very suitable for flat-topped buildings such as factories and warehouses. Similar types of corrugated galvanized metal panels are used in the construction of concrete structures. The panels can be used as temporary supports known as formwork. The formwork may also be a permanent feature that is left in place after the concrete sets, but more often, the forms are removed to allow the concrete to stand on its own. The metal forms can be cleaned off and reused numerous times, and they will be less susceptible to water damage from the setting concrete.