What Are The Precautions For Bay Window Guardrails Installation?

What are the precautions for Bay Window Guardrails installation?
When it comes to the installation of the Bay Window Guardrails, many people may think that the installation of the Bay Window Guardrails is very simple, it is not the case, we install the Bay Window Guardrails, there are a lot of installation precautions need us attention, then the main installation include What? Next by the window window fence manufacturers for us to introduce the Bay Window Guardrails installation precautions.
According to Bay Window Guardrails manufacturers experts said that we install the Bay Window Guardrails, the need to pay attention to a lot of places, here first to introduce a few:
1, column steel lining spacing must be consistent with the design size, to ensure that pre-assembled semi-finished products can be connected with.
2, in the straight line from the full range of the lower limit of the two parallel lines for the installation of adjustment benchmarks. To ensure that the Bay Window Guardrails after the completion of the installation of the upper and lower flatness.
3, the bar of the horizontal bar, the steel lining have been installed in the factory before the installation of the connection is completed, the strengthening of the bearing parts have been installed in place, the site construction only the bay window rails and columns can be fixed with the column.
4, the wall of the bay window barrier is usually installed before the construction has been the formation of brick or concrete pouring the lower foundation, bay window guardrail can be mechanical expansion bolt, chemical screw inspection, etc. will column steel plate fixed in the lower base of the center Parts for a uniform line.
5, such as the foundation of the lower part of the wall has not yet formed, it is recommended to increase the length of the column steel lining directly embedded in the wall, the wall after the conservation period can be formally constructed; or prefabricated embedded parts laid in the wall after the column steel Lining welding method and embedded parts welding, these two ways is characterized by more bolted bolts, but the default must pay attention to straight and horizontal lines.
 Bay Window Guardrails gives a transparent, simple effect, but if the use of improper material, or improper installation, it is likely to cause broken glass caused by the safety accident because the Bay Window Guardrails in addition to decorative effect, it is a force Components, play a protective role, to withstand pushing and other external forces, so the Bay Window Guardrails used in the glass must have sufficient strength.
  1. General bay window guardrail should be tempered glass or laminated glass, when the use of tempered glass, the thickness should not be less than 13mm, because the glass is brittle material, so the glass can not be in direct contact with the rigid joints, there should be elastic material between the lining Pad, when the design of both sides of the window through the window barrier, the glass into the column on both sides of the slot should have more than 3mm gap, the gap filled with sealant, glass into the slot is not less than 13mm
  2, when the Bay Window Guardrails to replace the column with glass, the glass should be set aside between the gap of about 6mm, glass and other materials have also set aside the intersection of about 6mm gap, gap filled with sealant, bay window guard base is fixed bay The key parts of the window fence, the general use of angle steel, steel and other processing into a fixed glass fixed parts, fixed parts on both sides with expansion of the floor with the floor or with the welding connection with the fixed fixed, not loose, glass and fixed tank bottom With a hardness of 80-90 rubber support block pad, the glass into the fixed depth of more than 110mm, glass into the fixed parts on both sides (ie, between the angle, steel plate) should be left 3-6mm gap with chloroprene rubber Plate liner, and the glass clamping, the installation is completed after the inspection to confirm the security is not loose, the bay window guardrail base surface decoration covered, covering the gap between the material and glass filled with sealant, the cover material shall not be in direct contact glass.
  Bay Window Guardrails rose in the early 90s of the last century, as Europe and the United States is a very mature industry, after entering China will show its immense vitality. China's biggest advantage is low labor costs, as an important factor in the composition of the cost, to promote the development of China's Bay Window Guardrails industry. A lot of Europe and the United States dealers will be the product of the production base transferred to China. Which led to the development of the industry, the emergence of the Hebei Anping, Changzhou, Changzhou and other regions as the representative of the Bay Window Guardrails production gathering place. Hunan as a late development of the Bay Window Guardrails production area, but also the emergence of a number of Bay Window Guardrails manufacturers, of which Hunan wild profiles as the representative of its quality, technology, services in the zinc steel Bay Window Guardrails with the industry leader , Living in the leading position.