What Is The Stair Railings Fixed?

What is the Stair Railings fixed?
We will use stainless steel Stair Railings in many industries, such as shopping malls, landscape bridges, pedestrian bridges, etc., and even in many building Stair Railings, we will see a lot of use of stainless steel Stair Railings. Generally speaking, what is the fixed Stair Railings, where we are now using the most expansion bolts, to specifically say that in the stainless steel Stair Railings in the use of what fixed, how to carry out the construction. On the one hand so that we have to note that the most used is now the expansion of bolts fixed in the construction is very simple, the bolt bearing capacity also has a clear data can query, can give us a comprehensive reference.

Not only in public places we see the Stair Railings are used to the expansion bolts to be fixed, and in our family Stair Railings in the Stair Railings is actually used to a dedicated expansion bolts to be fixed. Overall, in terms of a fixed effect is very good, we Stair Railings from what the fixed point of view to simply say the whole construction process. First of all is sure to prepare the Stair Railings, we have to prepare the stainless steel Stair Railings, of course, there are expansion bolts and professional bolt holes in the ear pieces. We can connect the staircase rails to the ear pieces before starting the installation. The connection is usually done by means of welding, and a few are bolted.

And after we have been welding, that is, in the latter part of the positioning and expansion of the bolt hole, and in our construction, the first is to put the stairs railings are reasonably placed in the corresponding position to locate. Because this time has been connected to the ear piece, so in the positioning of the time, in determining the location of the bolt hole after we can use the impact drill to drill. The diameter of the drill should also be smaller than the outer diameter of our bolts, so that when we enter the time, will be more tight, in the latter there will be better connectivity.

In fact, we should also ensure that the location of the hole do not deviate too much, if the deviation is too large, then there may be our Stair Railings there will be changes in the location. And after playing the hole, is to install the expansion bolts, and in the installation of bolts, we have to look at the bolt into the sleeve when the time is not very laborious. Behind the expansion of our bolt is a fixed process, and in the fixed time, the bolt should try to tighten, do not loose. Of course, the first bolt and ear pieces are fixed, and then welding Stair Railings is also possible to see the construction needs of the.

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